Google Play Promo Code – November 2022


Google Play Store is the mobile application store for devices with Android operating system. Any program that is developed in order to be used on smartphones or tablets that have Google OS must be listed in the catalogue of this store to ensure their safety and approval by the company. What is Google Play Store? … Read more

Google Shopping Promo Code 2022


Google Shopping is a Google price comparison and, together with Product Listing Ads (PLAs), it is part of the Google AdWords platform. Online stores expose their products on this Google portal with ads that contain the image and data of the product advertised in Google’s search results. They generally pay based on the number of … Read more

What is Google Play Services Application

The Android operating system always had a root problem, which was Google’s headache in the early days, system fragmentation, many Android versions, many device manufacturers, each with its own layer of customization, apps, and more. The solution that Google thought is called Google Play Services. If your final objective is to eliminate this application because … Read more