Google Pay already lets you send money using your fingerprint

The payment app will let you use the mobile fingerprint sensor to confirm that you are sending money.

It is increasingly common to see someone approach their smartphone to a data-phone to buy a product. All this is achieved through NFC data transfer technology, but more and more users make transactions with each other only with an app or phone number. But even if you are the one who makes a payment or a shipment, the software has to verify that it is you who makes the transaction and that is why Google Pay will ask you for the fingerprint to authorize a money transfer.

Google Pay adds bio-metric authentication for money Transfer

For everyone it is known that you can already ask someone for money just by knowing their phone number and if you do not know do not worry, we leave you this tutorial to make transfers between mobiles. Did you already know him? If so, you will know how simple this method of sending money is, but you may have another app installed on your terminal for the same purpose. One of them is Google Pay, which lets you authorize a transfer using your fingerprint.

Until now the application only recognized the use of a PIN number to verify that the user wanted to make a transfer to another with his terminal, but soon this procedure will be much simpler than the use of a QR code to make a payment. At the moment, the new function is in the testing phase, but it is a matter of time being implemented in the final version of the payment app. To be more exact, this novelty will arrive in version 2.100 of the software.

All you will have to do is go to the section of Money Transfer Settings and instead of seeing the Request confirmation option you see now you will have two new options: the first is the substitute of the one we told you that will be called Request PIN, which you can change to maintain your security. In the second section, Use of biometric data will appear. In the definition it says that in addition to your fingerprint you can also use face detection, just as Apple Pay already allows.

Available on Android 9

This novelty only applies to the money transfer function. For the rest of the functions such as payments in regular stores you only have to unlock the terminal with the security method you are using so far. Just one last note and is that to use this feature you need a mobile with Android 9 or higher.

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