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Google Pay App is a payment app launched by one of the most renowned name in the field of internet world i:e Google LLC.  It was launched as Android Pay and was initially released on September 11, 2015.  Now the Android Pay and G wallet have combined to form a unified payment system known as Google Pay .on January 8, 2018.  Already launched in 27 countries, it will soon get launched in South Korea. In India this service was launched as Tez which means fast. So basically this app has made money transactions around the globe fast and easy. Here are the topics covered in this article

Download App

Adding App Password

Add Bank Account

Google Pay Rewards

Send Payments

Request for Payments

Other Benefits

Scope and Conclusion

Download App

First step to use this service by Google is that you need to have this easy to use payments app in your mobile device. So you need to download it from play store for android users and for ios users you can download this application from the app store.


  • Go to play store on your mobile device.
  • Search Google Pay in search tab.
  • Click on Google Pay listed below.
  • Click on install on the screen.
  • Your application will start installing and after the installation is complete, it’s ready for the first use.
  • You can use referral code 4X82s while signing up to receive cashback on your first transaction with the app.


  • Go to iTunes app store on your ios device
  • Search Google pay in the store.
  • You need to enter your phone number and sign up with your Google account.
  • You are ready to use your this payments app on your iphone now.


This app by Google rewards for joining their services by providing cash directly into your bank account. If you are referred by someone to download the app, you will get some cashback in your bank account and referrer will also get the same amount in his bank account on the first transaction done by user even if the amount transferred is as less as an amount to buy a candy. On some special occasions the amount of cashback gets 4 times the original amount they give you on referral. You can use this referral code 4X82s while downloading the app.

Moreover one benefit is that whenever you do any transaction, you will get a coupon in which you will earn some cashback as a reward. Even on the shopping from some online sites which have Google pay as their registered payment option you will receive a scratch card which can give you some money which is directly credited in your bank account linked with the app.


After downloading the app you need to add your Google account to the app. After that you need to add screen password to go inside the app. It’s of 4 digits. For the security purpose don’t disclose your Google pay app login password to anyone.


After the screen password is setup you will need to add the bank account number associated with your phone number which is inserted on your phone. Here is step by step guide to add bank account in app.

  • First of all enter screen password to enter the google pay app.
  • After entering you will see 3 dots on right hand side of the screen.
  • Tap on that and select settings.
  • You will get option of bank account and click on that.
  • After that you will see the option of “ADD BANK ACCOUNT”.
  • Select the bank in which you have your account and make sure that phone number with which your bank is associated is inserted in the phone.
  • App will check with the bank if your mobile number is linked with the account of that particular bank by sending the message from the sim automatically. Carrier charges apply for sending the sms by the app.
  • Once your number is confirmed by bank you have to enter a password for the UPI for the transactions from your bank.
  • Once you confirm your UPI number with the bank, you are ready to send and receive funds directly from your bank.


Once your account number is added in the app, it’s very simple to send and receive funds.


  • You need to login to your google pay app.
  • After login you will go to the app dashboard.
  • There you will see the option of new.
  • Above you will see the search tap.
  • You can type in the phone number of the user you want to send money. Other person whom you are going to send money should also be having the Google pay associated with his phone number.
  • After that you will see two more options i:e “PAY and REQUEST”. As we are going to send money will click on pay and enter the amount to pay and write a small reference for what we are paying.
  • After that click on the tick icon and you will see your bank accounts from where you want to send money
  • Go to “Proceed to Pay” and enter your “UPI PIN”.
  • After you enter pin, your funds will get transferred to your receivers account directly from your bank account to other persons account.

So we have now learnt how to successfully transfer the money from one person to other person bank account from the comforts of our home without going to banks and standing in the long queues. Also when we transfer amount we receive scratch cards which have money in it, when you scratch them.


It’s as easy as sending money to someone.

  • Repeat the above mentioned 1-5 steps.
  • After that tap on “REQUEST”, enter the amount you want to receive.
  • Notification will appear on other person screen that you have requested the amount.
  • Other person will see the notification and send you money by following above mentioned steps in “HOW TO SEND MONEY”.
  • Now you will receive the requested amount in your bank account.

So here was all information about sending and receiving money in this app by Google.


Now as we have already added our bank account, we can also check our bank account balance through this app. Enter the app by entering the screen lock password for the app. Scroll down and you will see “CHECK BALANCE” option. You will see the UPI screen and need to enter your UPI PIN. Your account balance will be displayed on the screen.


This app from google has now introduced more services other than sending and receiving payments. You can recharge your mobile, pay your bills through this app. You can also transfer money to any bank even if the user is not on google pay. You just have to enter name, account number and ifsc code of the user to whom you want to send the funds.


UPI is the future. As this app is based on UPI payments have become easy. Moreover we have the assurity of company like GOOGLE so our money is safe. Soon this app is also going to be launched in countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. As the transactions have been made simple and it’s easy to use, So we should use this app as its tagline also says “Money Made Simple”.

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