Wait! Read Before Just Dial Search for Google Pay Customer Care Number

Google Pay Customer Care Number Just Dial

The customer care Helpline number of Google Pay has become a big issue. There have been many instances of ‘Non credit of the money’. The worried people search for the toll-free number. But, often they end up to a fake or non-existent number. People also search the number through the JustDial but again, they may get the fake number. Even Google Map may have the wrong numbers.

The Search of Google Pay Customer Care Number From JustDial

During my research on Google Pay, I found that many people use the term ”Google Pay Customer care number just dial”. These people hope that the JustDial would give them the correct customer care number of Google Pay. But, Let me tell you the truth, Just Dial would not give you the active number. The number would be either of the Google Office or Google Ads. These numbers would never solve your issue.

The Real Toll-Free Number

I am giving you the Google Pay helpline number. Some months back the Google Pay has closed this number, But It is active in 2021.

Google Pay Toll-free Number – 18004190157

Wait! This is the real Toll-free number. But you should not use it immediately. Rather you should crosscheck this number from the Google Website. We are not the official website. There are many rogue websites who are passing fake number as Google Pay helpline. The people are being cheated because of the fake customer care numbers.

You should Cross-check the Google Pay number through the app itself. I have taken this number through the App.

  • Go to the Help and Feedback section through the Settings Page. Tap on the ‘Contact’ Button.
  • Tap in the first Link of the Google Pay Support. An article would open. This article contains the Google Pay Toll-free Helpline number.

To complain about your issue, you can also use other methods of customer support. You can make your complaint through the Google Pay app itself. There is no need to search for the customer care number.

Other Methods of Google Pay Support

I have written a detailed post on Google Pay customer support. You can find about the functional methods of Google Pay customer care. All these methods are in-built in the app itself. Read the post and use the given methods. Also, stop searching for the number as a fake number can cheat thousands of rupees. You can read the comments section of this post. many users have posted their story of fraud.

The Result of Google Search

I also used the term ‘Google Pay Customer care number just dial’ in the Google search. The result is given below.

The first result leads us to number 18002582554. Indeed, it was a Google Pay number. But now it is used for the Google Ads. It does not work for Google Pay complaints.

The second result again shows the same number. So it is a dud result.

The third result leads you to the Just Dial search page. It shows you result of several google offices. The landline number of Google Offices is no use to the Google Pay complainant. As these offices would not entertain these issues.

You would see some more results which shows some numbers upfront. But be careful! These are fake Google Pay Customer care number. The fraudsters had put these numbers to cheat the gullible users. So, never ever dial to these numbers.

I have written a post on the modus operandi of the Cyber fraudsters who use the Google Pay customer care number to cheat the simple users.

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