Google Pay expands banks in Spain: Pay with Evo Banco and Monese

Gradually it is sneaking in Spain after it is available on a good part of Android phones, at least in those with NFC. Have you ever used Google Pay? It is a very convenient way to pay for your purchases since the wallet is not necessary: ​​just bring the phone to the dataphone. And we have two new compatible banks.

As we said, Google Pay is making a dent because the list of banks accessible from the payment application begins to be wide. There are still large absentees, such as the Santander Central Hispano, but we have two new additions that will surely please those who use their cards.

Evo Banco and Monese join Google Pay

There are already 27 compatible financial institutions in Spain.

The last two entities to join Google Pay complete one of the most generic and widespread payment systems worldwide. With the phone you can pay on almost any dataphone in Spain; which opens the door to not having to carry the cards whenever you leave home: the ubiquity of mobile payment is almost total. At least for expenses above 6 euros, there are many stores that do not allow purchases if the amount does not reach a minimum limit.

With the most recent Evo Banco and Monese (this is a virtual entity), Google Pay has 25 compatible entities. The complete list is as follows:

  • BBVA
  • Edenred
  • American Express Spain.
  • Openbank
  • Post.
  • N26
  • Sodexo
  • Revolut
  • Bankia
  • Mediolanum Bank.
  • March banking.
  • Rebellion
  • Pichincha Bank.
  • Pibank
  • Boon
  • Bunq.
  • Cajasur
  • Kutxabank
  • Liberbank
  • Unicaja
  • Fan
  • Ibercaja
  • Cecabank
  • Ontinyent
  • Rural Box
  • Monese
  • Evo Bank.

Not all cards are eligible for Google Pay : to check which ones you can use with Google Pay, go to your bank page or access this Google listing. Remember: to use this mobile payment system you need a phone with NFC.

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