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UPI applications have become a preferred mode of online payment with many players in the market including Google Pay, Phone Pe, Paytm and many others. However, the UPI mode of payment does have its own limitations. Google Pay has set a maximum amount that can be transferred in a day or month.

According to a support page for Google Pay, a user may reach a daily limit if:

The Google Pay (Tez) Payment app is one of the most popular payment app. Using this app you can transfer money within a minute. But this convenience has some limitations. There is a transaction limit on the Google Pay app. The limit is for the maximum transaction in a day and number of transaction in a day, both.

Maximum Amount Transfer through Google Pay

  • They try to send more than ₹ 1,00,000 in one day across all UPI apps.
  • They try to send money more than 10 times in one day across all UPI apps.
  • They request more than ₹ 2,000 from someone.

However, limits can differ for Google Pay, UPI, the user’s bank, and Google.

In order to fix these issues, the user will have the following options:

  • Waiting until the next day to send more money
  • Requesting a smaller amount

Here are some more other reasons why the payment may not go through:

Bank limits

If your daily transactions are below the UPI limit and you’re still having trouble, try a different bank account.

Your bank might have its own limits on how much you can send or receive. Contact your bank for more information.

Other limits

To protect against fraud, some transactions might get flagged for further review. If you’re having trouble making a transaction and you don’t think you reached a limit, contact Google Pay support for more help.

Additionally, if a user tries to send or receive less than 1, the money won’t go through and you’ll get an error message.

Google Pay Transaction Limit India

Maximum Transaction in a Day

In a day, you can’t transact more than ₹1 lakh through the Tez app. This limit ensures the security of your bank account.

Since Google Pay (Tez) app is based on the UPI Payment platform, it has to adhere the limits of the UPI. The Tez itself did not create this limit. This limit is fixed by the UPI that is why it is similar to other UPI apps such as Phonepe and Paytm. The BHIM has a lower limit for transactions.

Gpay Transfer Limit

The Google Pay (Tez) has given maximum flexibility within the limits of UPI. Since UPI has not set any limit for a single transaction, the Tez also permit you to transfer money as per your wish. However, since there is a per day limit of ₹1 lakh, hence a single transaction also can’t exceed ₹1 lakh.

Maximum Number of Transaction in Day

To enhance the security, the UPI has limited the number of transactions in a day. You can’t use Tez more than 10 times for fund transfer. This limit works across the UPI apps.

Suppose, you have already used Phonepe 10 times in a day. In this situation, you can use Tez only 10 times for fund transfer.

Banks can Set their Own Limit

There is another question mark on fund transfer through the Tez. If your bank (with which you have the account) set a limit for fund transfer through the UPI apps, the Tez has to follow it. Indeed, some banks set a limit for transactions.

Google Pay Transaction Limit Comparison

The Tez gives you maximum permitted flexibility. But other apps may not give you such flexibility. There may be a limit by the app itself. Such as BHIM app itself limits the transaction amount. Following is the comparison.

Tez Vs other Apps

Tez Phonepe Paytm BHIM SBI Pay
Per Transaction Limit 1 Lakh 1 Lakh 1 Lakh 20,000 1 lakh
Per Day Limit 1 Lakh 1 Lakh 1 Lakh 40,000 1 Lakh

Google Pay vs other Transaction Modes

UPI is the most convenient method of fund transfer but it is not made for big transactions. If you want to transfer more than ₹1 lakh, you have to use the IMPS, NEFT or RTGS. The maximum transaction limit for all these methods of fund transfer is given below.

Transaction Mode Maximum Amount Minimum Amount
UPI 1 Lakh ₹1
IMPS 2 Lakh ₹1
NEFT No Limit ₹1
RTGS No Limit ₹2 lakh

In this post, I have told you about the transaction limits of the Tez. You can also learn about the cash mode of Tez and Bill payment facility. These are special features of this app.

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