Google Pay prepares to include facial recognition and incognito mode

Now that we know that Google Pixel 4 will have facial recognition, it is not surprising that Google begins to pave the way to integrate this biometric method into its applications and services. While Android does not yet have a native facial recognition API, it is expected that it will arrive in future versions of the platform. In addition, applications such as Google Pay are also prepared to introduce this function.

This has been confirmed after finding indications that indicate the arrival of facial authentication to the mobile payment application of the great G, along with another interesting function such as incognito mode.

As suggested by the application code, one of the next news that will come to Google Pay is the incognito mode. This option, already included in apps like YouTube, Gbpard, Chrome and in the future in Maps, will land in the mobile payment service to somehow “anonymize” transactions made through Google Pay – for example, to hide purchases of items such as gifts from other people with access to the device or account. At the moment, yes, it is unknown if this mode will offer any other utility.

On the other hand, Google paves the ground for the landing of its Pixel 4 and its facial unlocking system. Google Play will offer users the ability to authenticate through facial recognition , in order to confirm transactions securely without entering the user’s PIN or using the fingerprint reader – a feature that probably will not be present in the Pixel 4.

On top of that, Google seems to intend to put even more obstacles on root device owners when using Google Pay. According to new text strings discovered in the latest version of the app, the payment service will interpret that the rooted devices do not meet the necessary software standards , and therefore their use will be blocked by security. Everything indicates that this notice will also appear if you have a third-party ROM installed on the device.

The news has been discovered in the code of version 2.94 of Google Pay for Android, but they are not yet available for users. Unless Google decides to change plans, the features will start arriving in the coming weeks.

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