6 Google Pay questions resolved and explained by Google

It has been a while since Google Pay came into our lives, to become one of the simplest and most versatile mobile payment services we can find today in the world of smartphones. The solution of Google, until not too well known as Android Pay, is already available in a number of countries around the world, including Spain, and it is possible to pay through the platform from any Android mobile, either in shops or through web pages without having to leave them.

But it is possible that some of you still have some doubt about the payment service of Mountain View. Therefore, Google itself has decided to publish a series of videos, through which to answer the main questions that users often have on the platform.

Google Pay, what you should know before using it

What is Google Pay

The first question is obvious: What is Google Pay? As indicated by the company in the video, it is a mobile payment platform that allows you to pay quickly and easily anywhere, using only our smartphone. It is possible to make payments both in stores, as web pages and even in the Android application store itself.

In addition, since not long ago, the Google Pay application offers the possibility of storing flight boarding cards and loyalty cards of establishments, so that forgetting the wallet at home is no longer a problem.

How to add a card to Google Pay

Obviously, in order to make payments through Google Pay it will be necessary to associate a credit or debit card in the application. To do this, you just have to open the Google Pay app, and in the menu add cards, or enter the data of this manually, or make a photo of the card so that Google automatically extracts the data.

How Google Pay verifies your credit or debit card

It is likely that when you associate your card, within a few hours you will see a small charge in your bank account. Quiet, this is because Google must verify that, indeed, the card you have associated is true and belongs to you. And quiet, this charge will be automatically withdrawn one day after the verification of the account.

How can you pay online with Google Pay

Google Pay not only allows you to pay in establishments. Some online stores offer the possibility of using the Google platform to make purchases, and for this, you only have to look for the button “Pay with Google Pay” when finalizing the purchase. You can also add a bank card, which Google Pay will remember so you can pay at other times without having to re-enter all the data.

How can you pay in stores with Google Pay?

Of course, the main advantage of Google Pay is the ability to pay quickly and easily in stores and establishments. You just have to check that the place in question accepts contactless payments, and on your mobile, with the Google Pay app installed, an associated card and the NFC activated, bring the phone to the payment terminal to make the transaction.

How Google Pay manages to keep your data safe

But despite its simplicity, Google Pay is a totally secure platform. When you make a payment with the Google service, it does not share the data of your card, but sends a unique identifier number to the store or establishment in question, so that your information is always safe.

And in case you lose your mobile, you can always use the “Find my device” application from Google to find the terminal and delete all its contents, including the data of the cards associated with Google Pay.

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