Google Pay UPI PIN Change and Reset 2022

You must have an ATM card if you want to reset the UPI PIN through the Google Pay app. But an ATM card is not required if you just want to change your PIN. In this post, I would tell you the latest method to set/ Reset and change your UPI PIN in Google Pay.

Steps to Reset UPI PIN in Google Pay

  1. It is very easy to set a new UPI PIN on Google Pay. Let us start by opening your google pay. In the first step itself, the app asks for a PIN, password or fingerprint.
  2. With the authentication, you reach the first page of the Google Pay app. from there, you have to go to the My Account Section. Thus, tap on your photo which would be in the top right corner.
  3. The next page consists of details of your Google Pay account. You can see your mobile number and UPI ID on this page. But to change the PIN, you have to first choose the bank account. So we will go to the page that lists all of your bank accounts. Thus, Tap on the link for the bank account page.
  4. Now you would see the details of all the linked bank accounts. Although if you have only one bank account, there would be only one bank account. Nevertheless, You can add other bank accounts from this page. Even you can also delete your linked bank account from here.
  5. If you have more than one bank accounts, tap on the account for which you want to reset the UPI PIN.
  6. Note, every bank account has its own UPI PIN. Therefore, changing the PIN of one account does not mean that other bank accounts would have the same PIN. If you wish, you can change or reset the PIN of each and every linked bank accounts.
  7. So, tap on the bank account number of which you want to change the PIN. Now you would see the bank account details of the selected account. Besides this, you would also see the UPI ID. Just below the UPI ID, you would see the link of Forgot UPI PIN. Tap on this link.
  8. Note, the method is the same to reset or creating UPI PIN the first time. However, the process is slightly different if you remember your current PIN and just want to change it for security reason. I would also tell you about that.
  9. As you tap on the Forgot UPI PIN, a pop-up window opens. In this window, there are two columns to fill in debit card details. In the first column, you have to enter the LAST six digits of your ATM card. As you must know that every ATM card has a 16 digit number.
  10. In the second column, you have to enter the expiry date of the ATM card. As you may know, every ATM card has two dates, the issue date and expiry/ valid through date. Choose the date which is upcoming. It would be the expiry date. Enter the expiry date as written on the card. It would be in MM/YY format, Next tap on the blue arrow.
  11. A new page opens. You can see a space for the OTP to enter. The UPI System sends OTP to the mobile number which is registered with the chosen bank account number. The OTP should reach the same mobile through which you are changing the UPI PIN.
  12. Your UPI App, itself reads the OTP and enters into the given space. You are not required to do anything.
  13. Now you have to enter your New UPI PIN. It can be of 4 digit or 6 digits. The SBI requires 6 digit PIN for its bank account.

Note, you have to enter your new UPI PIN once again just for confirmation. Now submit the PIN by tapping on the blue right mark. With this, the whole process completes and a new PIN would be set.

One thing you must note that the fund transfer limit reduces just after resetting the PIN. There would be a limit of ₹5000. It means you would not be able to transfer more than ₹5000. This limit is for 24 hours. After that, there would be a limit of ₹1 lakh. However, some banks may have a lower limit.

How to Change UPI PIN

  1. Changing the UPI PIN is easier than setting a new PIN. But to change PIN, you must know your existing PIN. This process does not require details of the debit card. Thus, you can change your UPI PIN without the ATM card.
  2. To change the UPI PIN in Google Pay, we should reach the page which consists of the bank account details. I have told about it in the above paragraphs.
  3. On the Bank account page, you would not see a link to change the UPI PIN. So to get that link, you have to tap on the three dots present on the top right corner. As you tap on the dots, you would see the link to change the UPI PIN. Tap on the link.
  4. On the next page, you have to enter your existing PIN and New UPI PIN. Note, you have to enter your new PIN twice for confirmation. Submit your details.

Friends, you must remember that once you change the UPI PIN of your bank account, it applies to every UPI app. A bank account has the same UPI PIN irrespective of the UPI Apps.

For instance, if you change the UPI PIN of the SBI account in Google Pay, the same PIN would be applicable in the Phonepe or Paytm for the same bank account.

Error in UPI PIN Reset

Sometimes, your UPI PIn does not change. It shows an error. There can be a message- “Something went wrong”. I would tell you why there is an error.

There can be 5 main reasons of the errors.

  1. It may happen that your ATM card has been expired and you are not paying attention to that. It happens. So please check that. If your card is already expired, apply for the new one.
  2. An error can also happen if you are not entering the expiry date properly. The expiry date should be entered as written on the ATM card. There must two digits for the month and two digits for the year.
  3. Sometimes, people enter the first six digits of an ATM card instead of the last 6 digits. This would result in an error.
  4. You would not be able to set a new UPI PIN if your ATM card is blocked. So check that your card is active. Note, you have to also activate your NEW debit card by using it in an ATM.
  5. Sometimes, you would not be able to reset the PIN if the system detects some irregular behaviour. It is done for the security of your bank account. It may happen if you are changing UPI PIN just after changing the mobile handset. Or you have tried multiple times to change the UPI PIN in a very short duration.

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