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Google Shopping is a Google price comparison and, together with Product Listing Ads (PLAs), it is part of the Google AdWords platform. Online stores expose their products on this Google portal with ads that contain the image and data of the product advertised in Google’s search results. They generally pay based on the number of clicks the ad receives. An AdWords account and a Merchant Center account are required to join Google Shopping.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping was originally called Google Base and was released in 2005. Initially, online store owners could register for free in the Merchant Center and download their data. Their products were advertised for free on the Google Base portal. After Google Shopping became a fundamental part of Google, the company decided to cancel the free version and turn it into a payment platform in February 2013. Now, if a seller wants to appear with their product on Google Shopping, they have to pay based on the Cost Per Click (CPC) model.

Google Shopping Basic Information

Owner Google LLC
Created by Craig Nevill-Manning
Commercial Yes
Launched December 12, 2002; 17 years ago (as Froogle)
Type Price comparison

Use of Google Shopping

If you want to show your products in Google Shopping through the Product Listing Ads, you need to have a valid Google AdWords account and an account in the Google Merchant Center. While the database is in the Merchant Center, the Google AdWords account is the one you should use to make your ads.

The price of the ad will depend on the number of clicks your ad receives through Google Shopping and based on the price agreed in your Google AdWords account.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Google Shopping

Google Shopping presents a series of obvious advantages such as the visibility of the products and prominence on the Google results page, but also a series of disadvantages, especially for certain types of online stores or sectors.


Traffic with a very high purchase intention and ads with visual information.

Google Shopping products are the first to be shown in the search engine, which is why they usually attract the user’s attention. Compared to text ads, the click-through rate per user is usually higher. This is because the user has at a glance two of the decisive factors when making a purchase; the price and pictures of the product.

On the other hand, the products that appear in the results of Google Shopping are responses to transaction searches, that is, the user is looking for a product and clicks on the result of Google Shopping because they are really interested in buying it and not because they are consulting additional information or not yet ready for purchase; as it happens in the organic results of Google.

It will help increase sales because users who come from Google Shopping will have already compared that product they want with similar ones before clicking on it.

Another of the great advantages of Google Shopping is that if you have several relevant campaigns with adjusted offers, several ads could appear simultaneously, drawing more attention from the public, increasing the probability that your ad will be clicked.


You compete on price. Normally, users who search for Google Shopping try to find the cheapest price. Also in some sectors, direct competition is companies like Amazon or eBay, so it is quite complicated.

What do you need to use Google Shopping

Using Google Shopping to display the products of your online store is very simple, although you must meet the following requirements to start using it:

Google Adwords account

It is essential that you have a Google Adwords account. This is where you will link your Google Merchant account and create a Google Shopping type campaign from your product feed.

Google Merchant Center account

You need a Google Merchant account and it will be used to upload the product feed of your online store.

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