How Can You Redeem Rewards of the Google Pay Tez

Google Pay rewards a good amount to its users. It pays ₹111 for a referral. Similarly, there are rewards for the first time user of Google Pay Tez services. You get most of the rewards in the form of Scratch cards which can be redeemed. This scratch can reward you ₹5, ₹11, ₹21 or ₹51. Some lucky person can earn more than this. However often we read ‘Better Luck next time’. It means you did not earn any rewards.

The Reward From Google Pay

Do you also have such rewards? How much did you earn? I have earned ₹326 because of Google Pay Rewards. I hope you would have also earned a decent amount. But question is that where is the cash. How can you use this reward money? Can you use this amount for mobile recharge or DTH payment?

So, You don’t see any way to use the reward amount. Is this a paper money without any real value?

Important Points of Google Pay Rewards

No ! You get this money in reality? The reward scheme of Google Pay is very honest. There can be a delay but you would get the promised amount.

  • In fact, Google Pay sends the reward amount directly to your bank account. you can check your bank statement.
  • Unlike Paytm, you did not get the reward amount in your wallet.
  • Thus, to use the reward money, you have to use money from your bank account.
  • To Recharge your mobile from reward money,  Go ahead through the recharge process and pay money from your bank account using the UPI PIN.

Some people may find it difficult to find out the reward payment in their bank statement. They have to pay attention to the following points.

  1. Look for the credit of the small amounts.
  2. Search for the keyword UPI.
  3. Look for the word [email protected]/Axis Bank Ltd. You can also use the search feature of the browser to zero-in the Google Pay Tez Rewards

It may also happen that you do not get the reward amount into your bank account. In this situation, you must contact to customer care of the Google Pay. You should lodge your complaints through the App itself. You can also request for the callback. Never, try to find out the customer care number from unverified sources. There are many fraud numbers floating on the internet. So beware of those numbers. You can be cheated.

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