How to bring boarding passes on Android without installing anything

In The Free Android we have been talking about the Google system for many years, more than ten years, about its advantages and disadvantages, but we have not been oblivious to the growth of other systems, especially Apple.

Of course, we like Android more than iOS, but that does not mean that we know how to see the advantages that iPhone users have had.

A good example is Passbook, an application that integrates the management of travel boarding cards and makes it very convenient to carry them on your mobile. Google has taken (much more than it was logical) but finally it has integrated something similar in Android, specifically in Google Pay, an app that is usually installed by default.

How to manage boarding passes in Google Pay

This update of the payment application has finally arrived massively in the latest Google Pay update and it is very easy to use it.

In my case I have had to manage several flights with two different airlines and what I have done is get into their applications to check-in online. Both with Vueling and RyanAir the process is fast and at the end, when the boarding pass is shown, a button appears that allows us to send said card to Google Pay.

If we press it, the Google application opens and asks if we want to add the card to the app. If we confirm it will appear on the Google Pay screen, in the Passes section.

It is possible to save several of the same flight and the system automatically organizes them so that we have those of all the travelers in the same lot, being able to do fast checkin and sliding from one to another horizontally for faster.

In addition, as in other applications, when we open a boarding pass the mobile increases the brightness of the screen to the maximum, something necessary for QR code scanners to work effectively.

If we want, we can click on a trip and drag it to another position. This allows us to order the cards based on the day of flight.

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The only thing I have not been able to prove, for now, is if a notification pops up when it is time to check-in, something that would be perfect.

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