How to have all your tickets and passes in Google Pay

Pass2Pay is a simple application that adds all your tickets, passes, tickets and Passbook files to Google Pay. You will take everything well organized.

IOS users have a remarkable help when saving and organizing all their tickets, tickets, boarding passes and, in short, almost any access that includes a barcode: Passbook is a really useful app. In Android we do not have such a powerful tool, but Google Pay is on the way to it: in addition to saving bank cards and loyalty cards it is also possible to store boarding passes in Pay. Not only that, Pass2Pay emerges to make Google Pay the Android Passbook.

How to bring boarding passes on Android without installing anything

The application we are talking about is of recent appearance and comes with the idea of ​​filling the gaps that Google Pay currently has. Thanks to Pass2Pay it is possible to add any ticket or ticket that includes a barcode, also QR codes. You can even incorporate files in Passbook format into Google Pay; completing with it the native functionalities of the Google payment system.

With Pass2Pay you will get Google Pay to be the Android Passbook

In the absence of Google finishing incorporating all the tools into its payment system, the application we are talking about can perfectly fill the gaps. It is easily installed from the Google Play Store, is completely clean and is only clouded by some advertising. Beyond here it works as it should: take a photo of any code entry and you will have it in GooglePay.

As simple as that. That you have a movie ticket, a store refund code, a ticket downloaded in Passbook format (.pkpass)… No problem: take a picture of the code, or open the file with Pass2Pay, and this application will take care of carrying Go to Google Pay using the correct format. You can even open PDF files to identify codes and incorporate them automatically, it works really well.

With Pass2Pay you not only save time, you will also have all your tickets and accesses organized in one place: Google Pay. In this way, and as you go to use each ticket, you will not have to worry about finding where it was: just open Google Pay and locate it.

Pass2Pay solves the shortcomings of Google Pay by force of placing a few ads. Of course, it is possible to eliminate them, and collaborate with the developers, if you pay a purchase within the application of 2.99 euros. You can follow the development of the application in XDA Developers.

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