How To Link Vijaya Bank Account With Google Pay

If you are a Vijaya Bank customer and want to link your bank account with Google Pay (Gpay) then here we will tell a full step by step guide. You can add your Vijaya Bank account with Google Pay and start sending money to another bank account using account details, mobile number, and UPI ID.

Nowadays, almost everyone using BHIM UPI for the bank to bank transfer. Google Pay is one of the best UPI application where you can add your bank account and start transferring money to other bank accounts.

So if you wish to use Google Pay for your Vijaya Bank account then follow the below steps and link your Vijaya bank account and create UPI PIN.

Add Vijaya Bank Account with Google Pay & Create UPI PIN

Step 1: Install and open Google Pay (Gpay) application.

Step 2: Now register on Google Pay, enter your Vijaya bank regisrred mobile number, and verify it.  (Make sure your Vijaya bank registered mobile number set as primary for SMS)

Step 3: Next screen select your Google account and proceed.

Step 4: Now set login PIN for your Google Pay application. You can set a PIN login or use a phone lock.

Step 5: Ok so we are now registered on Google Pay and now we will add Vijaya Bank account in GPay. Open the Profile section and tap on Add a Bank Account.

Step 6: Next screen, select Vijaya Bank from the bank list.

Step 7: Now the application will verify your registered mobile number by sending an SMS from your number and after verifying your mobile number, you can see your bank account listed on the screen. Tap on start and proceed further.

Step 8: Next, you need to create your UPI PIN, enter your Vijaya ATM card last 6-digits, expiry month & year (valid up to/valid thru), and proceed.

Step 9: Tap on Create UPI PIN. (You can see your UPI ID here which automatically created based on your email address)

Step 10: And finally, create your UPI PIN. Enter OTP received on your Vijaya bank regisrred mobile number and set UPI PIN.

After setting up, UPI PIN your bank account is now linked successfully on Google Pay and now you can use your bank account for money transfer, online payments, and bill payments. You can also check your account balance.

For money transfer, you can use the beneficiary account details, UPI ID, and mobile number. If the receiver also using Google Pay then you can also transfer money using his/her mobile number. You can pay online for shopping and bill payments as well as pay at the offline stores from your Vijaya Bank account using Google Pay.

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