How To Transfer Money on Google Pay using Mobile Number

Google Pay users can send money using Mobile Number to another Google Pay user. If the receiver also using Google Pay then you can directly send money using his/her mobile number. No need to enter his account details or UPI ID. Similarly, you can also send a money request to other Google Pay user and the sender can pay you by accepting your request.

So here we will tell you how to send & receive money on Google Pay using Mobile Number.

How to Send Money on Google Pay using Mobile Number

Please note, if both (sender & receiver) using Google Pay application then you can transfer money using a mobile number. If the receiver or sender using another UPI application then you can not send money using Mobile Number. So make sure both are using Google Pay application.

One more thing, make sure the receiver Google Pay account is active and bank account linked with his/her Google Pay account.

Now see how to send money on GPay using Mobile Number.

Step 1: Open Google Pay application and tap on New Payment (proceed money transfer)

Step 2: Next screen, select the Phone Number option.

Step 3: Now enter the receiver Google Pay mobile number and tap on verify.

Step 4: After verifying, you can see his/her name. If the details are correct then tap on OK.

Step 5: Now tap on the Pay button.

Step 6: Next enter the amount and proceed to pay by selecting your account number.

Step 7: Enter UPI PIN and confirm your transaction.

Done! payment successful, you can see the amount has been successfully transferred to his/her account. The receiver will also receive an SMS and also check Google Pay transaction history to confirm. If the receiver has multiple bank account linked with Google Pay then the amount will be credited to his/her primary bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the receiver has no account linked (added) with his/her Google Pay account?

Ans: If the receiver Google Pay account has no linked bank account then you can not transfer money to his/her account using mobile number. You will get payment failed error during the money transfer process.

I’m using Google Pay and receiver using PhonePe, can I transfer money using his/her mobile number?

Ans: No, you can’t.

How to verify that the receiver is the correct person?

Ans: When you enter his/her phone number, you will see the verify option. Just tap on verify and you can see his/her name.

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