How to save PKPASS files in Google Pay easily

Travel was one of the times when iPhone and Android users behaved somewhat differently. For years, Apple integrated Passbook the possibility of carrying tickets, boarding passes and other documents easily.

In Android we have had to wait longer and until recently it has not been possible to have those same elements within the system, specifically within Google Pay.

A few weeks ago we told you that Google had updated its payment system to also integrate these elements, but it required an implementation by the airlines. In my case I have been able to use it with Lufthansa or Ryanair, but not with Vueling, Iberia to AirEuropa.

However, in the latter cases I was given the option to download the PKPASS file, compatible with Passbook. It is true that I needed a reader of these files, and on Android there are many, but from now on it will not be necessary.

Pass2Pay imports the PKPASS files into Google Pay

Thanks to a new application available in the Google Play Store, called Pass2Pay, we can directly import into Google Pay numerous documents, from images to PDF files, through PKPASS files.

To do this, we simply have to open the application, select the type of file we want to import (in this case PKPASS) and look for it on the phone since we must have previously downloaded it. In the case of airlines it is common to be given the option to send it by email.

Once imported we will be asked to fill in the missing fields and then we can click on the button in the lower area. Once that is done, the new document will appear as another Google Pay card, as if it had been imported natively there.

Pass2Pay is a free application with advertising although it has a donation button in case we use it a lot and we want to contribute some money to the developers. We can also pay 1.49 euros to not see the ads.

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