Uber Google Pay Offer

Who would not love to ride in the cab at 50% cost or less. Therefore the giants in the online cab industry that is “Uber” which is based In United states of America have partnered with Google Pay. With this partnership users can pay for their Uber ride with the Google Pay app. This partnership will not only provide cheap rides, but it also guarantee cashback coupon on every completed ride. Thus it will change the way you ride and save some of your petrol cost and maintenance cost of your own car. And moreover you have a cushion of a personal driver who will take you where you want according to your ride details.

How to Book a ride Using Google Pay in Uber?

This is a very simple process which is explained below:

  • First of all you need to have a uber account. If you already have an account, go to the uber app or the web version of the uber and login to your account.
  • Then you go to the payment section of the app by clicking on the menu of uber.
  • And then click on “Add the Payment” option and click on Google Pay and link your UPI ID of the payment app with uber
  • Now your UPI id of the google pay is linked with cab services app and website , and book your rides with this app to enjoy the discounts and cashback offers.
  • This method can be used like any other payment method like debit/ credit cards or paytm, just you need to verify your pin to start the transaction on this app.

Benefits of Paying with Google Pay on Uber

Everyone enjoy if some can save their hard earned money in any way. So when you ride Uber with this option, you get 50% off discount on your first ride. After that for every ride maximum upto 5 Uber rides you will get a discount worth $15 per ride, your trip charges can be covered from this app only. You have to use Coupon Code “HAPPYWALLET“. Therefore it’s a win win situation for a user. When you use your rides, you can book the rides with your family members account.

To end we can say that this is one of the best partnership between two giants in their field which in turn is helping the people to ride and enjoy the life in a cost-efficient manner. Therefore add your google pay account and start booking the cabs from uber with a great discounts on offer.

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