How To Set Up And Use Google Pay On Your Wear Os Smartwatch

Do you want to be able to make contactless payments directly from your wrist without having to take your wallet or even your smartphone out of your pocket?

Google Pay is the contactless payment system that works on a selection of Wear OS watches and Android smartphones, but it will also work if your smartwatch is paired with an iPhone.

Originally known as Android Pay, but since then it has been renamed Google Pay, as the company combined the service features with Google Wallet in early 2018.

If you want to be able to make payments from your smart watch, follow our guide below on how to set it on your wrist and spend.

Do you want to set up Google Pay on your Android phone?

1. Which Watch do you have?

  • Selection of the best Wear OS watches
  • This is a big part of whether you can use Google Pay on your watch.
  • High-end devices generally come with ready-to-use technology, while some cheaper devices do not have NFC on board.
  • To find out if your watch has it, go to the list of applications on your Wear OS watch and see if Google Pay is already installed.

2. In which Country do you Live?

  • Not all countries that support Google Pay, more than 15 at the time of writing this document, can also use it on smart watches.
  • If you do not live in one of those countries, you still cannot use Google Pay on your smart watch.

3. Does Your Bank Accept it?

  • Selection of banks that support Google Pay in the United Kingdom.
  • The next step is to find out if your bank supports Google Pay.
  • If your country is not previously covered, you will find a list of countries that support Google Pay here.

4. Step by step instructions to set up Google Pay on your Watch

  1. This is where it will become a little different depending on whether you are using iOS or Android, but it is very much the same process.
  2. Scroll through the list of applications on your smart watch to find the Google Pay application and then press ‘Start’.
  3. You will need to do this in order to use Google Pay on your wrist, and when you have done so, you will be directed to your phone to enter the exact details of the card.
  4. This will look different depending on whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, but it is only a case of entering your card details.
  5. When you have finished configuring your card, it will appear on your wrist and you will be ready to make a payment.

5. Go and Spend

Congratulations, you have now set up Google Pay on your Wear OS watch.

To do so, you must unlock the clock and open the Google Pay application.

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