What is Google Pay and what can you do with it in Mexico

The new means of payment are taking important steps towards the future. Banks, meanwhile, launch applications to bring financial services to their cardholders from the place where they are, for example, the fact of being able to pay in shops just by bringing the smartphone to a point of sale terminal.

Nowadays, financial institutions not only compete with the traditional products of other banks, but also against tools that operate in a completely virtual way.

With this in mind, we will dedicate the following paragraphs to talk about the digital payment medium known as Google Pay, from which we will tell you its advantages and disadvantages of Google Pay and everything you did not know about the platform.

What is Google Pay?

Google Play is a payment system designed by Google for Android devices and recently also for iOS (only in the US). Its objective is to enable users to make contactless payments in point of sale terminals, just by bringing the mobile device closer, thanks to NFC technology, and to be able to make purchases in digital stores in a simpler way, linking your credit cards, debit and even PayPal.

What features and benefits does Google Pay have?

  • Payments without open the application: just approach the mobile device to the sales terminal to make a purchase; no need to open the application. The only requirement is to validate the consumption through your fingerprint or write a password.
  • Buy items on websites and applications: In addition to making purchases at non-contact stores, you have the possibility to purchase items at online stores, Apps or buy Google products (except for business products, such as Adwords, Cloud or G Suite).
  • You have the possibility to link gift cards, loyalty cards, coupons or tickets.
  • You can send money to family and friends.
  • You can see all the history of all your purchases in one place: Google Pay allows you to review the breakdown of your consumption in physical stores from the application. In the case of digital merchants, you can see your transactions, entering pay.google.com

Is Google Pay Services available in Mexico?

In Mexico, the App is available since the beginning of 2018. In addition to linking credit and debit cards, you can also enter other types of payment methods, such as PayPal and Visa Checkout.

Download Google Pay App

If after reading this text you were encouraged to search the application in the Play Store and download it, you will have noticed that there are no search results, so, how do you access their services?.

  1. Enter the Play Store and select the three bars that are in the upper left, next to the search engine, to enter your profile and select the option “payment methods”:
  2. Then select the option “add credit or debit card”:
  3. Once you have entered your card details, you will see the Google Pay logo on the bottom to link your plastic.


Among its main disadvantages, we must recognize that many of its features only apply to certain countries, such as the case of sending money, linking other types of payment methods or being able to download it to iOS devices.

In addition, although it offers the possibility of paying in shops with contactless terminals, there are very few stores that have such technology in Mexico.

However, we must emphasize that you can have access to all your payment methods from one place and in a more protected way to buy online or physical stores, because when you pay, your user’s information is not shared with the merchant.

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