What is Google Play Services Application

The Android operating system always had a root problem, which was Google’s headache in the early days, system fragmentation, many Android versions, many device manufacturers, each with its own layer of customization, apps, and more.

The solution that Google thought is called Google Play Services.

If your final objective is to eliminate this application because it is failing you, we will also explain why you should not do it. But do not worry, we will explain how you can solve the problems derived from Google Play Services.

Let’s see next what Google Play Services is for.

What is Google Play Services

Google Play Services is an application that is used to update the other applications of both the system and third-party Android. In addition, it provides certain functions to the system. That is why it is so important to have it installed, but there is something else that interests you to know, read on.

Given the nature of the operating system, that is, its origin as free software that anyone can modify, manufacturers take a part of the software that Google gives them, that is, Android and then modify it as they please, adding applications and services, layers of customization, images, etc.

This implies that there are many different versions of Android on the market. Which brings a lot of problems when updating the applications.

Google is not stupid and offers a ready-to-use system with its support, but somehow it had to maintain control of Android and this is achieved by making certain applications dependent on the signature, that is, to access certain system functions, it is necessary to install this app.

But not only that, since Google Play becomes the official channel to update applications. With which Google maintains almost total control of the platform.

The above, although it seems just a move to continue maintaining control, goes beyond that and is a benefit for users, since it allows Google to give new functions to mobiles with old versions of Android.

Another issue that Google had to deal with is the number of Android versions. Since there are phones that work with different versions currently. For various reasons, because the manufacturers did not update the phones, which they usually do to sell new terminals, or because the system is not compatible with the new system. Hence, there are so many unofficial methods to update Android to other versions.

How does the Google Play Services application work?

The Google Play services application works in the background and checks for new updates to both system files and applications to update them.

It also maintains what are the notifications of some applications.

Other application functions

Beyond that the application serves to update other applications. It also provides the system with functions to other third-party applications. Let’s look at some of these functions.


It provides the apps with the functions of Google Maps without having to leave the application, giving the possibility of displaying the maps within the app.

Enables apps to show ads to earn ad revenue.


Thanks to this, the apps can integrate the Google Wallet payment platform, so that users have a more transparent experience and can make payments directly from the apps.


Google Play Services provides apps with functions to store and manage files in users’ Google Drive accounts.

Location APIs

It serves to provide additional services and geolocation options to applications. To know where your phone is, you can use an application to locate the mobile.


It provides TV-related functions and also other tools such as audio, video and image codec.

Delete the Google Play Services Application

Many users complain in the forums that the Google Play services app slows down their phones or that they crash. But unfortunately, it is an app that is necessary for the system to function properly.

Even notifications depend on this app and other services like Google Maps. For this reason, you should not delete it.

Generally, the problems of crashes and others have been solved in the new versions of Android. But it was a headache, especially in the first versions of Android when the phones did not have too many resources and this app consumed many when acting.

There are ways to delete the app, but you have to touch system files or install patches, which is not recommended.

How to recover the Google Play Services Application

If you have deleted the application, you can download it from Google Play, that is, it is available in the official store. You can download it from this link.

Another option is to restore the phone. In each mobile, it is called differently but basically it serves to restore the factory data, which includes the system applications, but be careful with this option that also deletes all personal data, including text messages, installed third-party applications and all the contents of the phone memory.

Error in the Google Play Services Application

There are several errors that can happen with the application. But most are related to some aspect of the updates , an unavailable file or an error when updating a Google or third-party application.

If you ever saw some of these messages such as “The Google Play Services application stopped” such as, ” the Google play services application has been interrupted unexpectedly ” or “Unfortunately, the Google Play services application stopped.”

There are several actions that you can take to solve the problems and errors of the services app. Let’s see some of them.

Solutions to recover Google Play Services

  • Clear the cache of the Google Play Services app. This is easy. You simply go to settings -> applications -> Google Play Services -> clear data or cache of the application.
  • Uninstall updates. The same. You go to settings -> applications -> Google Play Services -> uninstall updates.
  • Restore the computer. This option is one of the most drastic. If you tried all of the above and it didn’t work, the only thing left is to reset the phone. With which everything will work as before.

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