You can now pay with Google Pay using your PayPal account

Google has added PayPal as a payment system for Google pay, the mobile payment service used on Android. You will no longer need a bank account.

Mobile payments have become very normal. They are not yet massive in countries like Spain but being able to pay with our smartphone is no longer something of the future. In fact, there are even people who, except for reasons of force majeure, always pay like this.

Google knows the importance of this, which is why it created Google Pay, its mobile payment system integrated in Android. Thanks to him, any modern smartphone with NFC can be used as a debit card, and we can also pay on websites.

Now this service takes a step forward, it is not mandatory to have a bank compatible with Google Pay.

We can put PayPal as a payment method in Google Pay

Until now we should have one of the banks compatible with this service to be able to pay using our mobile. If our banking entity was not compatible we could only hope that it had an app that did allow the use of the NFC.

From now on this will not be necessary given that Google has deepened its relationship with Paypal and in addition to allowing use this payment system in the Google Play Store, now allows us to configure it as a payment system in Google Pay.

In this way, to pay with the mobile simply we have to have installed the application of Google Pay and configured our PayPal account.

This payment system will be possible to use in any online store that accepts Google Pay but before the responsible for each trade must modify some technical aspects. We can also pay in physical stores that accept Google Pay.

However, we can always alternate between the Paypal account and the cards of the different banks if we have them configured in the application.

How to configure Paypal in Google Pay

To configure this option we simply have to have the Paypal account linked to our Google account. If we have done this to pay with Paypal in Google Play Store, for example, we should not do anything else.

Otherwise, we simply open the Google Pay application, go to Payment in the lower area, click on the blue button of Payment Method and configure Paypal.

At the moment it is an option that is expanding from Google servers so it is not yet available on all devices and accounts.

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